Instructor: Beth Katz

Armory Art Center, 1703 Lake Avenue, West Palm Beach, Fl 33401   561-832-1776

November 13, 14, 15, 2010 - Saturday, Sunday, Monday

Intermediate to advanced level metalsmithing class, soldering experience a must.


Three Day Workshop       

Hollow Ring - Making a Statement with Wearable Jewelry



This is a project driven workshop. The student will make a ring that is

hollow in construction utilizing sterling silver sheet.  When a form is hollow it can be larger, while still being light and wearable.  Students will design their own personal ring shape and execute that design in class. You are encouraged to bring a gemstone to incorporate into your project. 

Paste solder will be available for the student as demonstrations for this project will teach the use of this type of solder for fabrication.  The student, of course, can use wire or pallions as they wish.


The skills demonstrated will include planning, fitting, forming, soldering, piercing, sawing and filing.  Polishing as time allows.


Tuition registration forms are available on the Armory Art Center Web site and includes catered lunch each class day.


Instructor: Beth Katz

Armory Art Center, 1703 Lake Avenue, West Palm Beach, Fl 33401 561-832-1776

December 11, 12, 1, 2010- Saturday, Sunday, Monday

Three Day Workshop

Intermediate to advanced level metalsmithing class. Soldering knowledge a must.


Flatware - Art for the Table


Students will design and execute a piece of flatware using sterling or Argentium silver sheet. The project will teach fabrication of their own piece of flatware.  Small serving spoons or serving forks are an ideal project for this class and items are encouraged to be used everyday and not saved for special occasions.

The student will learn to design their own  piece, make a pattern, and create the item by sawing, hammering  and/or soldering along with other metalsmithing  skills to complete the the project. Paste solder will be available and will be used for deomonstrations.  The student will be encouraged to try paste solder if any solder joins are needed to complete the project or the student is free to use paillions or wire solder if they so desire. Creativity is encouraged and the student may wish to incorporate a gemstone in their project.  Please have basic idea of what type of piece you wish to create and do some sketches before attending class.


Tuition registration forms are available on the Armory art Center web site and all class tuition fees include a catered lunch.