Powdered solder
From: Noel Yovovich <noelyovo@yahoo.com>

Orchid List, Posted May 1, 2004

Powdered solder
From: Noel Yovovich noelyovo@yahoo.com

While at SNAG, I bought a set of little jars of powdered solder from
Beth Katz, expecting to use them primarily for sweat soldering. I got
IT, hard, high medium, low medium, easy, and eutectic.

A few days ago, Beth posted instructions for using powdered solder
to pick solder, by dipping the tip of the pick into flux then into
solder. Well, as it happened, I just made a piece that involved
making essentially a framework of copper wire. I used the pick
method to place the solder, and it was really great! By far easier
than any other way it could have been done (except maybe laser, I
guess). I could place an exact amount in an exact location, with no
fear of it moving or falling off. I could do 8 or 10 joints at one
time. I even did them with the IT, just because I could. Needless to
say, I am delighted with the product, and the method. Thanks, Beth!
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