Using Powder Solder

Powder Solder is not a familiar tool to most metal smiths and jewelers. We are used to using pallions and wire to which we add flux. Powder Solder differs in many ways. It can be placed in an exact position and very little solder needs to be put at point of connection. The most common application of powder solders is for filigree work and in plique a jour enameling. In order to have the powder solder flow, a flux must be utilized. Paste flux is applied to the area to be joined and then powder solder is sifted over the flux. Heat is then applied to the pieces to be joined by the solder. One consideration when using powder solder is that you must go in very quickly with a hot torch flame. If you are too timid with applying the heat, you will find a crustiness develop from the solder. This tells you that you have reduced the oxygen, and will therefore not be able to complete a successful soldering operation.



Another flagship product made available by Unique Solutions is the Eutectic formula. Unique Solutions has effectively saved hours of work for the metal smith by eliminating the entire job of making their own Eutectic powder. Eutectic is also available in paste formula.



Unique Solutions has streamlined this operation and is having the powder solder manufactured in many formulations. Buy some to take back to your studio and let your experimentation and creativity work its magic.